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Alta Mesa Animal Hospital
6704 E. Brown Rd.
Mesa, AZ 85205
(480) 981-1244

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Does your pet have health insurance?

We recommend looking into a policy from one of the many available companies. Pet insurance can literally be a lifesaver in a surgical or medical emergency and will greatly reduce the stress and burden on your family during this time.

Visit HERE for comparison of health insurance plans

Another resource is united pet care. Often offered through your work but also available for the individual. We accept United Pet Care and have seen a lot of happy pets and clients with this company.

And don't forget to consider one of our Wellness Plans as planned preventative health care for your pet.



In our continuing effort to assist you with providing only the best care for your pet, we have redone all of our puppy, kitten and adult health plans to add more benefit for you and your pet(s).

All adult health plans now come with 3 exams a year scheduled with your DVM, free toe nail trims, up to 35% discount off of pet food, all needed vaccines, fecal exam, parasite deworming, heartworm and tick testing, health certificates if required, microchip and much more!

In addition we added a surgery bonus of a $250.00 discount off of a surgery or dental of your choice.

As always, these adult preventative health care plans can be paid all at once or in easy monthly payments.

Ask us today for more details on these exciting changes.

Cat Care


We Love Cats!!!

Alta Mesa Animal Hospital offers full service cat care including:

Feline Health Plan

Feline Specific Merial Vaccines

Feline Specific calming exam room with hide box

Feline Specific compassion and care


Some great cat education/information resources…


Cat Resources PDF – veterinary resources

More Cat Care Information from Feline Vets

Feline Health Center at Cornell University

American Heartworm Society Feline Guidelines

Senior Cat Care PDF

The CATalyst Council

Cat Kidney Failure info

Pet Diabetes web site

Safety information on home-made diet at Balance-it

Information on Feline Specific Vaccines at Merial

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Cat Specific Exam Room:
Cat Vets
Alta Mesa Animal Hospital has remodeled an exam room for the specific use of cats and exotic pets. The room is far away from barking dogs, has a feline diffuser for happy kitty smells, receiving blankets for comfort on exam tables, kitty toys, a kitty friendly hide box and many more happy cat features. Visit us today with your feline family member.